John Rowlands (johnrowlands) wrote in thelostland,
John Rowlands

Name: John Rowlands

AIM/contact info: SweeneyAgonistes. My personal LJ is agonistes.

Bio: John perceives Blodwen to have died and has spent a long time grieving -- he's more closemouthed than before and somewhat prone to fits of depression, but still a kind, gentle man. He still works for David Evans and has not remarried. John still has the ghost of memories about the judgment and the final battle and, without telling anyone, has turned his hand to poetry with that as inspiration. He does not want to share what he has written, as he feels that people would see that as a sign that his grief has gotten the better of him. At the very bottom of his thoughts, he thinks he may have gone mad.

He's managed to stay out of the fight between Bran and Owen about Bran's getting out of Wales, and still has contact with Bran through letters. His private opinion on the whole fight is that Bran should get out while he still can -- since Blodwen "died", he's found little pleasure in life.

Really, really happy to be here. At least in the beginning, John will be in all depends on where the game goes. :D
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