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Stephen Stanton

Name: Stephen Stanton

AIM: rhinahime92 Can’t be bothered to try and remember one more thing! *grins*


In the six years since the end of Silver on the Tree Stephen has changed much about his life. Three of those remained much the same as previous, with traveling through the British Royal Navy as a communications specialist. But then, they stopped over again in Jamaica and things changed for Stephen. For some inexplicable reason, he was reminded of what he had purchased for Will here 4 years before. Those thoughts came rushing back and he knew, for some reason, he needed to return to be near Will again. He isn’t sure why, but he needs to be.

So he resigned his commission in the navy and came back home to England. Eventually deciding that education, specifically ESL education, was something he was interested in and with a back ground in communications, quite good at. It also provided an outlet for his burning desire to right something of the social injustices in the world that he has seen throughout his travels. But deep at heart, though pleased with his path at the moment, he’s always something of a nomad.

At 33, 15 years Will’s senior, Stephen is deeply thoughtful and with a strong silent shoulder for his parents, brothers and sisters, but with a special soft spot for Will. He’ll always be there for Will, though he still sees him as the five year old kid who’d follow him around anywhere.

I’m so thrilled to come and play with all of you! I’ve been reading for awhile now and it quite looks like fun and interesting things are happening already. Now I just need to find some pictures to use….
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