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The Dark is Rising...Again

the lost land
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An RPG Community based on Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series.

The Premise:

“An important lesson,” she said. “All Times are one, and they exist at once. So nothing ever really begins, where High Magic is concerned, nor does anything end. Even battles.”

For those who remain in Time, six years have passed since the Light's final defeat of the Dark. All but the last of the Old Ones have forgotten their adventures and their quest for the Light, and the only mortal who still remembers the identity of the son of Arthur keeps his knowledge a secret and close to his heart. Time marches on.

Merriman warned of the darkness in the hearts of men, and the Light left a Watchman to guard against the return of the Dark. But wherever there is anger and hatred, so there opens a door for the Dark to return to the world, and even the last of the Old Ones is little more than a boy after all. The creatures of the Dark begin to make their way into the world, unnoticed, unregarded.


The timeline of the books is altered for technological convenience, and the game begins approximately six years after the end of Silver on the Tree.

Contact pr mod ashkitty with questions/suggestions.

To Apply:

If you would like to play, please send an email, with:

1. your first 3 choices for a character. if you really only want to be one person, and would be unhappy with anything else, you can say that too. Try to give me an idea of how strongly you feel about each, on a sort of 1-10 scale. I make no promises, but I really do try to make everyone happy if possible.

2. A brief bio or explanation of your take on the character of your choice, and where you'd like them to go. (Obviously, their direction is subject to change once the game gets going, but it doesn't hurt to have an idea.)

3. Sample journal entry. Does not need to be impressive, and you can make things up at will...it's got nothing to do with the game. It's just for comparison purposes. If you want a more obscure character you can probably get away with skipping it altogether, though it is kind of fun.

4. Nobody will be playing sheep. *g*


Will Stanton (dewin_will)
Bran Davies (bran_davies)
Stephen Stanton (stephenstanton)
Max Stanton (maxstanton)
Paul Stanton (paulstanton)
James Stanton (jamesstanton)
Jane Drew (janedrew)
Barney Drew (barnabasdrew)
John Rowlands (johnrowlands)
Owen Davies (owenofwales)
Merriman (professorlyon)
the Dark Rider (oneofthedark)
Simon Drew (simon_drew)
the Lady (Admin-Only) (the_old_lady)