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The Dark is Rising...Again [entries|friends|calendar]
the lost land

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A General Invitation [09 Apr 2004|08:49pm]

[ mood | content ]

Between the stresses of winter and the various goings-on here, this journal had quite slipped my mind. Nevertheless, I have unearthed the computer again, and it reminds me that I have not seen my son, or his friends, for quite some time.

So, I would like to invite Bran, Will, and their friends to join me for Easter here in Clywyd, at the Davies Farm. The last visit was very enjoyable, if a trifle bewildering for us old fogies. This time, however, shouldn't have any clouds on the horizon and so with any luck it should be a nice break for you all.

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It's been a long time... [06 Feb 2004|12:01pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well, hullo again, journal people. I've surfaced from the depths of academia, once more with the disclaimer: I am not very good at this. I'm for action, me.

It seems as though I have been in suspended animation, or some such. Although I have been working harder than I ever have in my life, there's a sense of waiting, of readiness, as if I'm holding my breath.

At any rate, rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated -- if you're listening to Will.

Aren't we due for another holiday yet? One where the lot of us can swarm about and play to our heart's content.

Will, call me. We're due for a good long...study session, if only we can make our schedules compromise. (Good lord, is there anyone in the world who doesn't yet know we're an item?)

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Max Stanton [31 May 2003|10:22pm]

Name: Max Stanton

AIM: margorand (too lazy to try to remember to have more than one logged in at once!)


Now 28, Max Stanton graduated from the Slade School of Art in London with a BA in Sculpture when he was 22. For a few years he enjoyed a reasonable amount of success, his works regularly shown in galleries and fetching decent prices. Since about age 25, however, he’s found himself in an artistic rut. Two years ago he travelled to Italy to study the masters in an attempt to regain his vision, but returned no more inspired than when he left. Since then he’s been dithering about in England, giving beginning art lessons when short on funds and staying close to home in Buckinghamshire. Recently, though, he’s had the idea to renew his creativity not through study of the classics that filled his textbooks at Slade, but to look to something purer, more ancient, unsophisticated. He thinks a stint in Wales would be perfect, working on his uncle’s farm and not even thinking about art. At the very least it would get him out of Buckinghamshire for a bit, which he’s begun to find dull and stifling.

Max has grown up a gentle man with a wry sense of humour, and yes, still has his hair long. Good-natured and relaxed, he is occasionally (mistakenly) regarded as aloof; he tends to become very involved his own interests and hobbies, often to the point of ignoring others without realising it. He’s recently decided to change his habit of constantly losing touch with his family by learning to use the Internet, somewhat of a challenge for a man whose late nights have traditionally been spent with pen and paper rather than mouse and monitor.

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[28 Apr 2003|04:08am]

Can we have a role-call please? I only know of about 6 characters still posting anything resembling regularly....

Just comment.

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Revision Completed [10 Apr 2003|07:46pm]

The Will/Bran/Professor Northway log has been revised to include the full text. Many thanks go to Ash for unearthing said missing text.
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[31 Mar 2003|09:07pm]

Just checking in--this is a mod-type account, for announcements and the odd plot point and such. The Lady herself is not an active character, but it'll help keep track of what's going on. ;)
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Simon Drew [10 Mar 2003|04:04pm]
Name: Simon Drew

AIM: DIRSimonDrew (I'm such a sheep. Baaa.)

Hate to spam the community with this, but this is the shiny new player of Simon with your basic intro.

Simon hasn't really changed all that much in the six years since Silver On The Tree; he's matured (obviously), and at a somewhat faster pace than might be expected. He's incredibly mature for his age, almost too much so.

He's currently attending Trinity College at Cambridge, studying maths, and occasionally being vaguely fraternal at Jane and Barney. He's not very social -- still very grumpy, very smart, and very... well, adult.

For the past few weeks "game time", he's been attending an international conference in the US; this is the default excuse from his absence from game social-life. ;)

That's pretty much it -- I can't think of much to add; anyway, it's all in his app, which I'm going to put up in the IC LJ.
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[16 Feb 2003|11:26am]

[ mood | ominous ]

Name: The Grey King/Brenin Llwyd
Email: milgwnking@hotmail.com
AIM: milgwn king

In the six years after Silver on the Tree, the Grey King has silently hidden away in his fastness, nursing the blow to his pride given by Will Stanton and the forces of the Light. Has slowly reasserted himself, and spends his days filling the valleys of Clwyd with thick mist and the Gwynt Traed y Meirw.

((OOC note: and getting caught up on all the previous RP posts... .))

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[admin] Let's do the Time Warp again.... [15 Feb 2003|10:23pm]

The Lost Land is going through a bit of a time swell this week, where things move s l o w e r than realtime, so we can get some things caught up. Please do not be surprised if Friday posts show up on Sunday, for example, or if the Cantate concert log actually takes place on Tuesday.

Bah. Time. It's all nonlinear and relative, anyway.

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[13 Feb 2003|01:25pm]

yes, i'd quite like to find one or two players more. to sit on my side of the fence, of course. i would love to have the white rider at least, and possibly also the grey king, because he seems like an interesting fellow.

or then, of course, i can keep playing the whole horde of the dark alone, which is quite miserable as i'm not very talented at it.

sigh, help appreciated.
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On the farm [09 Feb 2003|03:05pm]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

The wind is still blowing down from the high peaks.

Johns Rowlands is still absent. I will speak to young Rhys when we pasture the flocks later today - perhaps he spoke with him before he left.

I am worried for the young lambs - there have been more foxes seen in the hills. Big, fat grey things, more than capable of taking a lamb or a small sheep. As Bran knows, I truly hate those foxes.

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Letters [04 Feb 2003|05:59pm]

Letter to Owen from BranCollapse )
Letter to Bran from OwenCollapse )
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[04 Feb 2003|05:19pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Things here in Clywd are looking unsettled.

This morning, I didn't meet John Rowlands when I took the sheep up to the high pasture. Which is not in itself real cause for worry, it's just that, when you meet a man driving his sheep up to pasture every day, when he misses a day it is unsettling. I walked by his home on the way back and it was locked up tight.

I am probably worrying over nothing. He has probably been called away unexpectedly for some reason. The cold wind that blew down from Bird Rock was simply a cold wind, and nothing more.

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so! [02 Feb 2003|11:26pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

name: Rhys Evans

aim: bugeilio;
e-mail: clwyd@postmaster.co.uk

Since Rhys had no direct contact with the whole Light and Dark mêlée, other than the Land-Rover Incident, there was nothing for him to forget, so he's basically plodded along these six years like the dutiful son he is at Clwyd farm. He had vaguely noticed a strangeness and an emptiness after Silver on the Tree but as he could not figure out the reason, he dismissed the feeling.

Nothing has changed much for him, other than a festering desire to wake up to something other than endless green hills and grey sky. His older brother, who left home the millisecond he could, sends Rhys postcards of interesting places, which are quite maddening at times.

At 26*, he is uncomplicated (relatively), friendly, shy, and good-humoured; a little old to continue formal education, and with no real want to--yet fond of books--he is still actually happy working on the farm, surrounded by what he knows and loves, which makes him feel contradictory, stuck, and rather cross for secretly wanting to widen his horizons.

[*I took the liberty of saying he was about 20 during Grey King, because 20 is still "grown-up," as it said he was, and it just sort of seemed to fit.]

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Stephen Stanton [30 Jan 2003|07:24pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Name: Stephen Stanton

AIM: rhinahime92 Can’t be bothered to try and remember one more thing! *grins*


In the six years since the end of Silver on the Tree Stephen has changed much about his life. Three of those remained much the same as previous, with traveling through the British Royal Navy as a communications specialist. But then, they stopped over again in Jamaica and things changed for Stephen. For some inexplicable reason, he was reminded of what he had purchased for Will here 4 years before. Those thoughts came rushing back and he knew, for some reason, he needed to return to be near Will again. He isn’t sure why, but he needs to be.

So he resigned his commission in the navy and came back home to England. Eventually deciding that education, specifically ESL education, was something he was interested in and with a back ground in communications, quite good at. It also provided an outlet for his burning desire to right something of the social injustices in the world that he has seen throughout his travels. But deep at heart, though pleased with his path at the moment, he’s always something of a nomad.

At 33, 15 years Will’s senior, Stephen is deeply thoughtful and with a strong silent shoulder for his parents, brothers and sisters, but with a special soft spot for Will. He’ll always be there for Will, though he still sees him as the five year old kid who’d follow him around anywhere.

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[29 Jan 2003|10:09pm]

Paul Stanton

((I stole Talya's brilliant idea))

Paul attended Cambridge for both undergrad and graduate work in Historical Musicology. He was taken on as a teaching assistant by the department and works as a research assistant at the University while he's working on his PhD. He's been playing the flute and performed in Cambridge's orchestra while he was a graduate and an undergrad. Currently too busy to do much public performing he continues to practice constantly and hopes to play in London eventually. He still has the flute Miss Greythorne gave him and treasures it.
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[28 Jan 2003|10:23pm]

Name: John Rowlands

AIM/contact info: SweeneyAgonistes. My personal LJ is agonistes.

Bio: John perceives Blodwen to have died and has spent a long time grieving -- he's more closemouthed than before and somewhat prone to fits of depression, but still a kind, gentle man. He still works for David Evans and has not remarried. John still has the ghost of memories about the judgment and the final battle and, without telling anyone, has turned his hand to poetry with that as inspiration. He does not want to share what he has written, as he feels that people would see that as a sign that his grief has gotten the better of him. At the very bottom of his thoughts, he thinks he may have gone mad.

He's managed to stay out of the fight between Bran and Owen about Bran's getting out of Wales, and still has contact with Bran through letters. His private opinion on the whole fight is that Bran should get out while he still can -- since Blodwen "died", he's found little pleasure in life.

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The Last of the Drews [28 Jan 2003|09:32pm]

[ mood | thrilled ]

I'm quite thrilled to be here. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Name: Barnabas "Barney" Drew
AIM: esmesprout (because I'm too lazy to get a character-specific AIM name)
Bio: At the end of Silver on the Tree, he was nearly eleven years old (he's now seventeen years old) and was showing clear signs of growing into his artistic talent. Over time, this talent became a barrier between Barney and Mrs. Drew; his drive to be individual and separate led to a demand that he not be tutored by his mother. Because of this barrier, Barney goes to extremes to avoid painting. He's refused to participate in the mural projects at Hills Road Sixth Form College (where he's attending his final year) and has failed, skipped, or refused to take each and every painting course on the prospectus. Now in his second and final year, he's accepted as a bit of a rebel, as well as a talented sculptor.

He's still obsessed with Arthurian legend, though that obsession now takes shape in his artwork. Most recently, a pastel drawing of a child Arthur weilding Excalibur, with Merlin casting a daunting shadow beside him. When Barney looks at it long enough, he wonders if Merlin doesn't look just a bit like he has Will Stanton's face, and if Arthur doesn't seem familiar, too, with his pale skin, hair, and eyes.

He's been going through a phase, lately, in which he's undecided if he prefers "Barney," which he's always answered to, or "Barnabas," which sounds older and more artistic, in his opinion.

As his mother's protege, Barney spent his last few summers working in one of the galleries showing Mrs. Drew's work, mostly as front desk staff. He earned little money doing this, but much experience...enough to know that studying History of Art to one day work in a museum was /not/ his
life's calling. This coming summer, he plans to work for an architectural firm, though he's not yet sought out a firm to contract with.

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[27 Jan 2003|10:22am]


the black rider. no, seriously.


i think i'm on as darkmaydestroy, but if not, then i'm on as draenagh. (and if you must know, lj's varis.)


didn't leave the stream of time quite as peacefully as merriman and has been working these past 6 years at getting back.

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New AIM contact info [27 Jan 2003|05:05pm]

[ mood | good ]

Just got myself a more appropriate AIM screen name: janedrew18

Although you can still reach me at ladyorla28 as well. ^_^

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