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The Last of the Drews

I'm quite thrilled to be here. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Name: Barnabas "Barney" Drew
AIM: esmesprout (because I'm too lazy to get a character-specific AIM name)
Bio: At the end of Silver on the Tree, he was nearly eleven years old (he's now seventeen years old) and was showing clear signs of growing into his artistic talent. Over time, this talent became a barrier between Barney and Mrs. Drew; his drive to be individual and separate led to a demand that he not be tutored by his mother. Because of this barrier, Barney goes to extremes to avoid painting. He's refused to participate in the mural projects at Hills Road Sixth Form College (where he's attending his final year) and has failed, skipped, or refused to take each and every painting course on the prospectus. Now in his second and final year, he's accepted as a bit of a rebel, as well as a talented sculptor.

He's still obsessed with Arthurian legend, though that obsession now takes shape in his artwork. Most recently, a pastel drawing of a child Arthur weilding Excalibur, with Merlin casting a daunting shadow beside him. When Barney looks at it long enough, he wonders if Merlin doesn't look just a bit like he has Will Stanton's face, and if Arthur doesn't seem familiar, too, with his pale skin, hair, and eyes.

He's been going through a phase, lately, in which he's undecided if he prefers "Barney," which he's always answered to, or "Barnabas," which sounds older and more artistic, in his opinion.

As his mother's protege, Barney spent his last few summers working in one of the galleries showing Mrs. Drew's work, mostly as front desk staff. He earned little money doing this, but much experience...enough to know that studying History of Art to one day work in a museum was /not/ his
life's calling. This coming summer, he plans to work for an architectural firm, though he's not yet sought out a firm to contract with.
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