Owen Davies (owenofwales) wrote in thelostland,
Owen Davies


Dear Da,

Seems strange to be writing this, my first letter to you. We've never
been apart much, except when I would go to visit Will during the hols,
and then it was easier to 'phone.

I wanted to thank you for letting me go to Cambridge because I guess I
never really did in person. Thank you. I know it wasn't an easy
thing, and you probably think it hard of me to pack up and leave the way I
did, but it was difficult for me too. I just feel...I feel as if it's
something I have to do, going away to school. I can't explain it more
than that.

Cambridge and the campus are lovely so far, with the exception of a
persistent drizzle that reminds me of home, only there are no rolling
hills here, only old and tall buildings. I have been exploring the grounds
and beyond because there is time yet before term begins.

I have a roommate, and his name is Colin. He doesn't seem so very bad;
after the first round of staring and even an exclamation of 'You're a
looker, an odd one to be sure,' he's treated me with the same
indifference I think he treats everything. He's from London. He informed me the
very first day I was likely to have the room mostly for my own; I think
he has a girlfriend over at Corpus and whatever studying he does, he
doesn't do it here.

It is a little lonely because I haven't stumbled over Will yet, though
I know he enrolled here, and I haven't found Jane yet either, and she
will be going to Corpus. That gives me more time to get all of my books
and get oriented on campus, I suppose.

I do miss you, Da. Don't be too much alone. I will see you over the
hols, all right? Unless you come and visit me on campus first!


Dear Bran,

I got your letter yesterday. British Post! Were I a man given to foul language... still, it is here now.

I have been reading your online journal, and I saw your note in mine. I spoke of it to young Rhys when taking tea with his mother, and now I see that he too has one. Now you will have no excuse for not knowing all that goes on in Clywd.

As I have been reading your journal, I have heard that you did, eventually, find young Will. Do give him my best. He's a good young man, and tell him I remember well. When you come back for the holidays, bring him along.

Hearing of your friendship with young Miss Drew was a pleasant surprise. I believe we met once, her family and ours, some years ago; a very sweet young girl who sounds as if she has grown into a very nice young lady. Do pass on my regards to her as well.

There is very little news at present; although I do miss you, and will welcome you back as soon as university is out. It is hard to explain my feelings, but I simply feel as if Wales is our place, yours and mine, and that is why I did not want you to leave. Still, I am sure you will do well at Cambridge. There is no need to thank me for letting you go - after all, if I am right, will you not come back when you are ready? And all the better for knowing the world outside our valley.

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