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On the farm

The wind is still blowing down from the high peaks.

Johns Rowlands is still absent. I will speak to young Rhys when we pasture the flocks later today - perhaps he spoke with him before he left.

I am worried for the young lambs - there have been more foxes seen in the hills. Big, fat grey things, more than capable of taking a lamb or a small sheep. As Bran knows, I truly hate those foxes.

It has begun again.

I should have known that no wind comes down from Bird Rock that does not carry the Grey King's breath. Somehow, something has happened to John Rowlands. The Light took away his memories of what his wife really was, and the Dark has reached out to him through that, I am sure. He spoke of her a day before he left.

I have no doubt now that he is no longer in Clywd. And that he will not return. Neither Dark nor Light hold kindness in their natures. Wherever he is, he is serving one or the other, and neither will touch him kindly.

Oh, Bran, Bran... I should never have let you go. I should never have trusted that the Dark was truly gone, that you would inded be safe, or as safe as one can be in this world. Your only shield is as fragile as any human....

Merlin could not keep Arthur safe, in the end. Can his son keep mine safe? I know that Will would follow Bran anywhere, even into Hell, but can he keep Bran from heading there in the first place?

Always before, I have been glad the Light and Dark have overlooked me. But now, when I can do nothing....

Well, now, things are moving in Clywd.... What effect will this have on Cambridge, guys?
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