simon_drew (simon_drew) wrote in thelostland,

Simon Drew

Name: Simon Drew

AIM: DIRSimonDrew (I'm such a sheep. Baaa.)

Hate to spam the community with this, but this is the shiny new player of Simon with your basic intro.

Simon hasn't really changed all that much in the six years since Silver On The Tree; he's matured (obviously), and at a somewhat faster pace than might be expected. He's incredibly mature for his age, almost too much so.

He's currently attending Trinity College at Cambridge, studying maths, and occasionally being vaguely fraternal at Jane and Barney. He's not very social -- still very grumpy, very smart, and very... well, adult.

For the past few weeks "game time", he's been attending an international conference in the US; this is the default excuse from his absence from game social-life. ;)

That's pretty much it -- I can't think of much to add; anyway, it's all in his app, which I'm going to put up in the IC LJ.
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*nods* Baaaaaa.

Hooray! I finally have my other brother! :-)

We'll have to get together and RP soon...