Max Stanton (maxstanton) wrote in thelostland,
Max Stanton

Max Stanton

Name: Max Stanton

AIM: margorand (too lazy to try to remember to have more than one logged in at once!)


Now 28, Max Stanton graduated from the Slade School of Art in London with a BA in Sculpture when he was 22. For a few years he enjoyed a reasonable amount of success, his works regularly shown in galleries and fetching decent prices. Since about age 25, however, he’s found himself in an artistic rut. Two years ago he travelled to Italy to study the masters in an attempt to regain his vision, but returned no more inspired than when he left. Since then he’s been dithering about in England, giving beginning art lessons when short on funds and staying close to home in Buckinghamshire. Recently, though, he’s had the idea to renew his creativity not through study of the classics that filled his textbooks at Slade, but to look to something purer, more ancient, unsophisticated. He thinks a stint in Wales would be perfect, working on his uncle’s farm and not even thinking about art. At the very least it would get him out of Buckinghamshire for a bit, which he’s begun to find dull and stifling.

Max has grown up a gentle man with a wry sense of humour, and yes, still has his hair long. Good-natured and relaxed, he is occasionally (mistakenly) regarded as aloof; he tends to become very involved his own interests and hobbies, often to the point of ignoring others without realising it. He’s recently decided to change his habit of constantly losing touch with his family by learning to use the Internet, somewhat of a challenge for a man whose late nights have traditionally been spent with pen and paper rather than mouse and monitor.

Very excited to be here, as I s l o w l y get this all set up. Expect much more activity from Max (and an lj icon) around June 9 or so, when I get back home. :)
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